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Introducing the VIZITERV Environ Ltd.

Founded: Viziterv Environ Kft. (2005) Predecessor: Viziterv Consult Kft.
Postal address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, HUNGARY, Kiss E. street. 11.
Offices: 4400 Nyíregyháza, HUNGARY, Széchenyi street. 15.
Phone: +36 42 500 521, FAX: +36 42 500 522
Executive manager: Lajos Illés
The VIZITERV Environ Ltd. was established in 2005 by private persons, since then the proprietary structure and the range of activities have not changed. The Nyiregyhaza Regional Office of the VIZITERV Consult Ltd., predecessor of VIZITERV Environ Ltd., began its work in 2000. The headquarters of the company is located in Nyiregyhaza, with branches in Budapest and Debrecen.


The activities decisively cover flood protection, complex projects of catchment management and development, and environmental protection issues of surface and subsurface water. Our clients are government organizations, local governments and their associations.

  - It is a well-known fact that a quarter of the territory of Hungary is flood risk area, thus establishing and constantly improving efficient flood protection schemes is essential.  A predominant part of our activities is the preparation and implementation of flood protection projects. Our company is related to flood protection projects in Hungary and partially abroad in the following fields.  On divers occasions we have analyzed and researched the features of flood hydrology and hydrometeorology, (such as flood event frequency; expected flood levels and flow; impact of human activities on the nature of flood events, etc.)

  - We have participated in processing complex, long-term flood protection development programs (Tisza, HU; Dnyeszter, UA).

  - We have contributed to the development and establishment of flood monitoring, warning and forecasting systems, and to working out flood forecasting methods and models. The methodology of flood forecasting involved rainfall runoff and river-hydraulics application development and improvement of methods for increasing flood forecast lead-time. Part of the flood monitoring schemes we planned was of trans-boundary nature, thus in these cases international cooperation was necessary (e.g. hydro meteorological application development).

  - Some activities attached to the flood protection schemes were: planning new flood levees, reconstructing existing levees, complex preparation of the construction of emergency reservoirs, preparation of technical documentation. The volume of the planned emergency reservoirs ranges between 10 - 100 million m3. As well as preparing technical plans, our activity involved the preparation of operational regulations and instructions.

  - In connection with the implementation of flood protection establishments we provide engineering supervisor and quality control services as well, assisted by our accredited soil laboratory.

  - For several catchments we have prepared flood-localization plans, which assist the mitigation of flood damage and the protection of human lives and property. These plans were made for organizations responsible for operative flood control (such as government water directorates, government emergency management directorates, local governments, county government institutions).


Our environmental protection related activities principally trend to surface and subsurface water resources protection. A major part of our activities involve defining the protective areas of subsurface water resources by modeling; and designing and operating water protection and monitoring schemes. We have taken part in several researches concerning regional subsurface water resources, which involved trans-boundary areas as well.

Our catchment management related activities aimed at allocating surface water resources and improving their quality. Several of our projects have dealt with the rehabilitation and enhancement of natural wetlands and nature reserves. In the course of the above work reservoirs, water management structures and drainage canals were designed. We participated in the planning process of the EU Water Framework compliance in Hungary. The EU Water Framework appropriates the preservation of good ecological surface and subsurface water quality.


We have participated in several trans-boundary projects and have provided professional services to various international organizations, such as the World Bank, NATO, and the ICPDR. In Mongolia we gained experience in Asian setting.

The number of permanent staff of the company is 16. In addition a large number of experts are employed for specific tasks on short-term basis.

We have ISO 9001:2008 quality control certificate in the following fields: preparation of complex environmental protection, nature conservation and water management plans and studies, project management; engineering and system consultancy.