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Work in progress

• Development of landscape management infrastructure connected with emergency reservoirs (Bereg and Cigánd-tiszakarád emergency reservoir)
• In the framework of the ENPI HUSKROUA 0901/044 project “Creating integrated, GIS supported flood forecasting scheme” and “Fitting planned and under-construction emergency reservoirs on the Hungarian side into the system, correcting parameters of planned reservoirs”
• Further development of the Ukrainian flood protection program on the Upper-Tisza



Complex development of flood protection levees between Vásárosnamény and Lónya in the Bereg
• Engineering services in infrastructure development of rainwater drainage and management for 9 affected settlements in the construction of the Jánd-Gulács (Bereg) reservoir
• Construction works of the (i) ring-dike in Onod, implemented  as part of  the “Investments serving flood damage prevention in Felsőzsolca and environs” program following the flood in north Hungary in 2010; (ii) the dredging of break sections in the railway floodplain in Felsőzsolca – technical supervision
Reconstruction Planning of Baja-Bezdan Canal HUSRB/0901/121/002: “RPBBC-A River basin reconstruction plan (sweeping plan) for the Hungarian part of Baja-Bezdan Canal” and „RPBBC-B Reconstruction planning of Deák Ferenc Sluice Gate”
• Localization test: 2.49 Jánoshida sub-catchment, 2.50 Szolnok floodplain sub-catchment, 2.37 Laskó-Tisza-Zagyva-Tarna-közi floodplain subcatchment – Technical supervision


Diagnostic testing of long-term water resources of Újmohács-South
• North-Plain Regional Drinking Water Quality Improving Program, Cycle 1. Phase 3. – Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County
Water Resources protection in the Hungarian-Ukrainian border region – modeling seepage hydraulics,  defi ning protective areas
• Complex development of the Bereg flood protection levees project, preparing construction plans
• Producing Arial photos and digital relief map for the Raho-Técső section of the Upper-Tisza jointly to the Romanian-Ukrainian cross-border



Diagnostic work of the Nyíregyháza No 2 (Gávavencsellő, Rózsástanya-Nyírtelek) operating waterworks for stashing the vulnerable water resources
• Preliminary study to substantiate the development of Vásárosnamény-Zsurk section
• Preservation of the natural resources in the Tisza-Batár-Túrköz border region
• In connection with the complex Tisza-Lake project designing TIKEVIR controlling system
Complex project preparation of the Bereg complex flood mitigation and floodplain revitalization development project (planning, modeling,
impact assessment, feasibility studies, fi eld preparation, and others)
• Environmental impact assessment study and river management plan for the Hungarian-Ukrainian border region section of the Tisza River
• Complex development of flood protection levees between Vásárosnamény and Lónya in the Bereg: Complex project preparation, planning,
feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment



• Environmental impact study and river management plan for the Hungarian-Ukrainian border region section of the Tisza River
• Complex development of the Bereg flood protection levees between Vásárosnamény and Lónya project – planning
• Nature conscious water management of the Érpatak (No. 8) watercourse
Working out flood forecasting monitoring plan in the Dnyeszter catchment complex flood protection development program
• Reconstruction of drinking water systems in 28 settlements: construction plans
• Creating optimal operational structure in the South-Plain region – study for facilitating decisions
• Consultation study for the future pumping energy-reservoir in the Bronyka Basin, civil engineering structures, technical apparatus
“Life for the Túr!” Rehabilitation of the Old-Túr project: feasibility study, permission plans
• Flood protection development on the left-bank of the Tisza between Zsurk and Vásárosnamény
Preparing water catchment management plans in accordance with the EU Water Framework (coordinating the Tisza basin planning, preparing 8 subunit plans)
• Complex nature preservation and flood security program in the Túr floodplain (monitoring plans, permission plans, environmental impact
• In the course of the rehabilitation of the Nyíri (No 46) inland water system: feasibility study, permission plans



• Diagnostic work of stashing the Celldömölk, Leneskert és Szob-Hidegrét vulnerable water resources
• Producing modular hydrologic forecasting scheme
• Sailing on the Upper-Tisza; environmental protection and country development on the Hungarian-Slovakian-Ukrainian frontier watercourses
• Creating optimal operation structure, a study for the Improving Drinking Water Quality in the North-Plain Region Phase 2.



• Diagnostic work of stashing the Miske, Nagykálló and Nádudvar vulnerable water resources
• Adaptation of the Bereg sub-catchment unifi ed localization plan for the Ukrainian side
• Drinking water scheme reconstruction plans for 41 settlements: permission plans, project plans
• Hungarian-Ukrainian complex flood protection and floodplain revitalization development plans for the catchments of the Bereg and Borsa – a concept study
• Preparation of a complex water damage prevention-environmental protection concept study for the Túr river system in harmony with an
ecological status assessment and water quality evaluation



• Diagnostic work of stashing the  Nyírbátor, Rábapatona, Sükösd-North and Vásárosnamény  vulnerable water resources